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About Us


Established in 1968, Western Chemical Corporation has been a trend setter to the age old as well as today’s upcoming industries by portraying best example of experienced expertise with modern technology. Our core competency lies in manufacturing and supplying High Grades of Activated Carbon & its Products internationally, which are affordable to our customers’ pockets as well.



    Yes! WCC, with its supreme quality Activated Carbon, has given the world a taste of Purity, Quality and Swiftness. Since the era when it was just a thought to fly overseas, WCC has been satisfying its customers Internationally. We strongly believe that the very existence of an organization and the success of any product mainly adheres to its Quality. Innovation, Adaptability and Sustainability are the pillars on which rests the power of survival in today’s rapidly changing market.

    Maintaining pace with the changing times is a difficult task, and not everybody’s cup of tea. We here at WCC, magnify and utilize every idea and thought for our customer’s goodwill and our organizational upliftment. Every batch of Activated Carbon is rigorously tested and only on complete satisfaction the batch is released for sale. All tests are done as per Indian/ASTM/BSS standards. Our technical experts, qualified staff and skilled personnel contribute unanimously for a common goal…!



    Our Success Mantra!
    This is the thought that prevails in every employee of WCC, in lieu of its social responsibilities. Our extensively experienced and innovative research and development team is highly appreciated by our domestic as well as international customers for our hi-tech environment friendly methods in Carbon manufacturing. Our research team aided with highly equipped testing laboratory has set unbeatable benchmarks for the upcoming Industrial Generations and Trends in Carbon Industry.

    Material Packing and Storage is a “Green Issue” today. Superior Quality Material with Efficient Packing helps increase the shelf life of our products. Our products sustain their characteristics throughout their estimated life span; irrespective of vast atmospheric fluctuations during transport to foreign countries. This Moisture free, Air protected and highly hygienic packing of ours is an inevitable link of our customer satisfaction chain.


Address: 603, Atria-II, Iscon Heights,
Gotri Road,
Vadodara - 390021
Gujarat, India.
Tele: +91-8140680001 / 8140780001