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Established in 1968, Western Chemical Corporation started manufacturing Activated Carbon. In 2016 we started International Trading and Distribution unit portraying best example of experienced expertise with modern technology.
Activated Carbon
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Who We Are

Western Chemical Corporation has been a trend setter to the age old as well as today’s upcoming industries by portraying best example of experienced expertise with modern technology. Our core competency lies in manufacturing and supplying High Grades of Activated Carbon & its Products internationally.

WCC with International Trading & Distribution division started conquering the Global market. Top notch quality products from reputed suppliers is key to our success. Innovation, Adaptability and Sustainability are the pillars on which rests the power of survival in today’s rapidly changing market. Our innovative One-stop shop solution offers comprehensive products and services for the benefit of our customers. Our team of experienced researchers conduct in-depth analysis of consumer, market and industry trends to discover growth opportunities. Quality and environmental protection are at the heart of the Group’s operations.These standards are achieved through a Quality Policy aimed at continuously improving product performance, customer service and assistance, as well as the development of company expertise.